Radiological Society of South Africa Radiological Society of South Africa RSSA

Who Are We

The RSSA is the representative body of radiologists in both public and private sectors and those in training. Our responsibility concentrates on looking after the interests of radiology.

Who Are We

The Radiological Society of South Africa (RSSA) was established in 1974 as the Professional Association of Radiologists in South Africa and has since expanded to include Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe.

We have grown to a membership base of over 900 individual members and almost 100 Practices.

Dr Dharmesh Daya (President)

Dr T. Mngoma (Vice President / President - Elect)

Dr E. Kader (Treasurer)

Dr J. De Villiers (Secretary)

Dr K. Naidu (Past President)

Dr A. Chacko (CME Committe Chairperson)

Dr H Gongxeka (Chair Academic Heads Committee)

Dr R. Tuft (Executive Director)

Dr V. Dahya (Co-opted Member)

Dr T Hlabangana (Co-opted Member)

Dr E Jooste (Co-opted Member)

Dr C Sperryn (Co-opted Member)

Dr D. Daya (President)

Dr T. Mngoma (Vice President)

Dr J. De Villiers (Secretary)

Dr E. Kader (Treasurer)

Dr K. Naidu (Past President)

Dr H Gongxeka (Academic Head Rep)

Dr A. Chacko (CME Committee - Chairperson)

Dr Maya Patel (SAJR Editor)

Dr R Tuft (Executive Director)

Dr L. (Tebs) Hlabangana (Gauteng Representative)

Dr T. Kamolane (Gauteng Representative)

Dr S. Ndlovu (Gauteng Representative)

Dr M. Velleman (Gauteng Representative)

Dr C. Rossouw (Eastern Cape Representative)

Dr John Corbett (Free State Representative)

Dr N. Narismulu (KZN Representative)

Dr M. Khan (Limpopo Representative)

No Nominations Received (Mpumalanga Representative)

Dr G. V Der Westhuizen (North West Province Representative)

Dr M. Kruger (Northern Cape Representative)

Dr G. Cilliers (Western Cape Representative)

Dr J. P De Villiers (Western Cape Representative)

Dr H. Viljoen (Western Cape Representative)

Dr G. Jakanani (Zimbabwe Representative)

Dr J. A Van Rooyen (Namibia Representative)

No Nominations Received (Botswana Representative)

Pending (NHI)

Prof Jackie Smilg (BISSA)

Dr C Sanyika (SAINTS)

Dr R. De Villiers (SAMSIG)

Dr A Winter (SANIS)

Dr C Sperryn (SASNI)

Prof L Scholtz (SASOCI)

Dr Nasreen Mahomed (SASPI)

Dr J Badenhorst (Registrar Representative)

Dr H Gongxeka (Academic Head Rep)

Mr T. Allnutt

Mr J. Calitz

Cathy Baker

Maria Clayton

Eva Dirksen

Sinazo Nombewu

Admin -

Dr Anith Chacko (Chairman)

Dr Tebs Hlabangana

Dr Paul Rischbieter

Dr Charles Sanyika

Dr Dharmesh Daya (ex-officio member)

Dr Richard Tuft (ex-officio member)

Dr J. Badenhorst (Chairperson)

Dr S. Ramdass (Secretary)

Dr Charles Sanyika (Chair)

Dr Gareth Bydawell (Vice Chair)

Dr Mario Haines (Secretary)

Pending (Chair)

Dr Kubendra Naidu (Vice Chair)

Dr Darius Tsatsi (Secretary)

Prof Jackie Smilg (Chairperson)

Dr Susan Chick (Deputy Chair)

Dr Peter Schoub (Secretary)

Dr Richard De Villiers (Chairman)

Dr Mark Velleman (Vice Chairman)

Dr J Zietkiewicz (Secretary)

Dr R Posner (Treasurer)

Dr Nasreen Mahomed (Chair & Treasurer shared position)

Dr Ebrahim Bandeker (Vice Chairperson & Treasurer shared position)

Dr Ashmitha K Rajkumar (Secretary)

Dr Tracy Kilborn (Co-Opted Member)

Dr Lizette Louw

Dr Clive Sperryn (Chairperson)

Prof Sally Candy (Past Chairperson)

Dr Ebrahim Kader (Deputy Chairman)

Dr Wonder-Boy Eumane Mbatha (Secretary)

Prof Leon Janse van Rensburg (Co-opted Member)

Dr Marianne Kuehnast (Co-opted Member)

Dr Jeannine Owen (Co-opted Member)

Prof Leonie Scholtz (Chairperson)

Dr Miranda Durand

Dr Vijay Dahya

Dr Sulaiman Moosa

Dr Jonathan Hack

Dr Andre Du Plessis

Dr Arthur Winter (Chairman)